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Ganondorf Appreciation (requested by anon)

You can’t help what situation you’re born into. Maybe you’re a diamond in the rough, raised by whoever may have raised you for the sole purpose of righting wrongs. Or maybe you’re a princess, born into a royal family that watches over their land and provides wisdom to the hero who’ll save it when it’s in distress. Sound familiar? Neither Link nor Zelda have it bad - they have their respective purposes and they do good for those around them - a pattern set by the Link and Zelda of Skyward Sword. Another pattern was set around this time. Demise swore that his reincarnations would wreak havoc to the world of Hyrule or wherever else for all of eternity. And as we all know, the sole inheritor of this promise is Ganondorf. Do we know if this is what he wants? No. All we know is that this destiny and these powers that he possesses were passed down to him from Demise, who clearly had some sort of personal  grudge against the world that, even once he was unable to do it himself, he wanted taken care of. You can’t help what you were born into - for all we know, Ganondorf could have been as heroic and humble as Link, if only he’d had a different segment of the Triforce and a different upbringing.

- l-o-z

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